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The Best Martians in Fiction

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List RulesCharacters must be from Mars, or have lived on Mars for a significant amount of time.

There's something downright enchanting about Mars. It's Earth's next closest planet, it's named after the god of war, there's actual flowing water, and it's a beautiful shade of red. The little red planet has captivated writers and thinkers for centuries, so it's no surprise that there are tons of Martian characters that appear throughout literature, comics, film, and television. But which are the most awesome and best characters from Mars? Time to vote!

For as long as people have been looking to the stars, and especially since we've been looking up at them with fancy gadgets, people have been obsessed with the red planet. But you know what's cooler than Mars? Martians! Martians are often described as little green men with big heads, small thin bodies, and enormous eyes. But on this list there's a much more varied array of Martian goodness.

Here you will make the touch decision, like are cartoon characters from Mars better than Martian comic book characters? How do the Biker Mice from Mars stand up against The Martian himself, Mark Watney? Does Marvin the Martian top them all?

Take a look at the Martian characters list below and let your votes help decide which fictional characters who live on Mars are truly the best. And if you like these martians, check out our list of the best Mars movies.