The Best Marvel Comics Tattoos

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Vote up the coolest, most unique, and well designed Marvel tattoos.

Which Marvel character has the biggest inked-up fandom? Which character has the coolest tattooed tribute, etched on calves, backs, biceps, and even lower backs? Here are the coolest, most unique, and most beautifully artistic Marvel themed tattoos.

Would you rather wear Deadpool's love for chimichangas on your (tattoo) sleeve, or are you sending a message about individuality through a classic X-Men logo on your ankle? Vote up your favorite expression of fandom on the list below.

Maybe Marvel's tougher characters catch your fanboy and fangirl hearts. In that case, show the world how you show no mercy with a Punisher tat, or how you champion responsibility with a Spider-Man portrait. What better way to show that strangers would be behooved not to make you angry with a Hulk tattoo? Or instead, maybe you fancy the nobler characters? Say "I stand by my morals AND my country!" with a Captain America shield ablaze on your chest.

Whatever side you decide to take, check out these awesome and lifelong (or, until a long and expensive trip to the laser removal specialist) tributes to all of Marvels many diverse characters!