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The Best Marvel Crossover Events Ever

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With such a vast universe and wealth of characters, it's not surprising that Marvel crossovers are almost always a blast. What is the best Marvel comic crossover of all time? This list ranks the best of the best, including Secret Wars, The Infinity Gantlet, and much more.

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    The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

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    Thanos uses the power of the Infinity Gems to become the Supreme Being. 
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    Age of Apocalypse (1995)

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    After Xavier's son, Legion, travelled back in time and accidentally killed Xavier, it sparked a new timeline in which Apocalypse rules the world, as Xavier was never around to create his X-Men. 
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    It's revealed that Skrulls have been posing as some of our favorite heroes for sometime. Once this comes to fruition, heroes unite to stop the villains. 
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    Infinity (2013)

    While the cats away, the mice will play. 

    When the Avengers are off in space to battle the Builders, Thanos uses the opportunity to attack Earth. The crossover resulted in Black Bolt releasing the Terrigen Mists on a global scale, creating new Inhumans around the world. 
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