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The Best Marvel Crossover Events & Storylines Ever

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It use to be that it was a very rare occasion for our favorite Marvel heroes to interact with each other in comic book stories. Nowadays, it seems that a new announcement or teaser for an upcoming Marvel Comics crossover happens on a regular basis. Which has been the best crossover in Marvel Comics history? 

Many crossovers deal with heroes against heroes, like Civil War and Avengers VS X-Men, and some just get down and dirty with heroes against villains, like Secret Wars. There's even epic crossovers that deal with alternate realities like Age of Apocalypse.

We've collected what we think are some of the best crossover events in Marvel history. Make sure to vote up all the Marvel comic book storylines that are your favorite. 

Marvel Crossovers! These are definitely some of the best crossovers ever!
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    The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

    The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)
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    Thanos uses the power of the Infinity Gems to become the Supreme Being. 
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  • The Beyonder kidnaps select heroes and villains from Earth to battle on a planet of his creation. As the Beyonder becomes almost god-like in the process, the heroes assemble to defeat him. 
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  • House of M (2005)
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    Scarlet Witch uses her powers to create a world in which mutants rule, but things escalate when it's revealed to the heroes that this isn't the real world. 
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  • Secret Invasion (2008)
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    It's revealed that Skrulls have been posing as some of our favorite heroes for sometime. Once this comes to fruition, heroes unite to stop the villains. 
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