The Best On-Screen Duos In The MCU

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When Marvel Studios created a sprawling cinematic universe, it accomplished something only thought possible in panels on the page. The MCU’s impact on entertainment is immeasurable, leaving other studios scrambling to form continuity actively aware of itself. People don’t just watch Marvel movies for exhilarating action, but to see Captain America and Iron Man argue politics. Throughout seemingly countless films, the MCU has never phoned in the character development of its heroes.

Leading up to Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, MCU movies implemented increasingly huge ensembles. These ensembles are often split up into smaller groups depending on the movie or subplot, allowing now-iconic duos, pairings, friends, and family to show off their chemistry and unique dynamics. With over 70 major characters in this universe, the MCU's relationships could be discussed ad nauseam (and some would still be missed). That said, what follows is a collection of some of the best on-screen duos in the MCU. Remember to vote up your favorite pairings.