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Deleted Scenes From Marvel Movies We Wish Made The Final Cut

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Deleted scenes offer interesting glimpses into what a movie could have looked like and, as such, are usually the most hotly anticipated bonus material of any home release. The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are no different. Because of their shared universe structure, what gets left on the cutting room floor may contain fun Easter eggs for Marvel comics fans or hints at where the universe is heading.

In the MCU, material left out of a final cut can include great moments of character development, key contextual details that might help less comics-savvy audiences understand the story better, or just extra gags that add even more laughs in the cinema - something audiences have come to expect from even the darkest Marvel movies. 

  • While a shortened version of this scene did make it into Avengers: Age of Ultron, the extra bits that were left on the cutting room floor would have added important contextual details in the run-up to Infinity War. After his strange vision courtesy of Wanda, Thor seeks out answers from the Norns - the Norse goddesses of fate.

    Possessing Thor's body in a mystically charged pool of water, the fortune-tellers tell Erik Selvig about the Mind Stone that would grant life to Vision, and namedrop the other "infinite six that cannot be joined nor kept apart." It would have given audiences' their first clue about what Thanos was up to - and a better understanding of the strange yellow gem in Vision's head.

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    'Ant-Man And The Wasp': Janet Van Dyne Says There Are Civilizations In The Quantum Realm 

    The confirmed existence of the Quantum Realm in the MCU opens up an entire microverse of possibilities for future Marvel Studios' films, one which has been barely explored so far. We could have gotten a taste of just how expansive this peculiar realm is if this scene had made the final cut in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

    The scene in question has Janet van Dyne showing a bemused Hank Pym around the place she's been trapped in for decades, telling him that there's more to the realm than they previously thought, including "worlds upon worlds, entire civilizations."

    In early Fantastic Four history, Doctor Doom conquered one of these civilizations, providing a possible entry point for the team's arrival in the MCU.

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  • While Black Widow has appeared in a slew of MCU movies, some Marvel fans feel we've never gotten to see her full capabilities. This deleted animatic from Civil War adds fuel to the fire, showcasing how the super-spy measures up against the super-soldier.

    On a rooftop, Nat and Steve go head-to-head, with the former even wrestling his trusty shield off of him. Cap then asks if she has her "gear" with her. A confused Nat confirms that she does before Cap throws her off of the side of the building - knowing that she'll be able to grapple-hook her way to safety. The unfilmed fight would have been a great, character-building moment for the pair.

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  • We all know Loki's ego is big enough to fill the nine realms, but this scene that was cut from Thor: The Dark World really hammers it home. The scene begins with the camera weaving through Asgard, arriving in the royal palace to see a huge, cheering crowd in the throne room. A robed figure ascends the steps as Volstagg, Lady Sif, and Fandral bow. 

    But it's not Odin or Thor receiving an adoring reception - it's King Loki. As he reaches the top, Mjolnir flies into his hand and he basks in the applause. It's not until Frigga breaks the illusion that we realize we've been swept into one of Loki's private fantasies. While the trickster god was painted as a petulant tyrant in The Avengers, this scene shows that, deep down, he just wants to be loved in the way his brother is.

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