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Deleted Scenes From Marvel Movies We Wish Made The Final Cut

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Deleted scenes offer interesting glimpses into what a movie could have looked like and, as such, are usually the most hotly anticipated bonus material of any home release. The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are no different. Because of their shared universe structure, what gets left on the cutting room floor may contain fun Easter eggs for Marvel comics fans or hints at where the universe is heading.

In the MCU, material left out of a final cut can include great moments of character development, key contextual details that might help less comics-savvy audiences understand the story better, or just extra gags that add even more laughs in the cinema - something audiences have come to expect from even the darkest Marvel movies. 

  • Captain America's arc through the MCU is defined by him being a man out of time, and this scene cut from The Avengers would have been the first to really underline this tragic element of his character. During the three minute sequence, we see Steve Rogers wistfully look through the files of his old army buddies and contemplate the idea of reconnecting with an elderly Peggy Carter or even reaching out to Howard Stark's son.

    He also takes a trip to a cafe by Stark Tower where he confuses a waitress's mention of "wireless" to mean radio - before being nudged by Stan Lee to "get her number."

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  • Before mastering the mystic arts and becoming the Sorceror Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange must learn humility. We would have gotten a taste of his buried sense of compassion in this deleted scene, in which the good doctor takes a moment to fix the broken paw of a dog on the streets of Kathmandu. 

    As Strange ties a splint to the stray's leg, we see a hooded figure watching him from the shadows - presumably judging that this one kind act might be enough to grant him an audience with the Ancient One.

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  • Before Tom Holland became the third cinematic Peter Parker, the internet had high hopes that the role of Spider-Man would be taken on by Donald Glover as one of Peter's most famous alternate counterparts, Miles Morales. While Miles has since made it onto the big screen by way of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, this deleted scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming would have confirmed the young web-slinger's existence in the MCU's main timeline.

    After Glover's character is left stuck to his car by Peter, he ends up giving his nephew a call for help. That nephew's name? Miles.

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  • While a shortened version of this scene did make it into Avengers: Age of Ultron, the extra bits that were left on the cutting room floor would have added important contextual details in the run-up to Infinity War. After his strange vision courtesy of Wanda, Thor seeks out answers from the Norns - the Norse goddesses of fate.

    Possessing Thor's body in a mystically charged pool of water, the fortune-tellers tell Erik Selvig about the Mind Stone that would grant life to Vision, and namedrop the other "infinite six that cannot be joined nor kept apart." It would have given audiences' their first clue about what Thanos was up to - and a better understanding of the strange yellow gem in Vision's head.

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