The Best New Comic Book Shows Of 2020

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Vote up the best television shows based on comic books that premiered their first season in 2020.

Every year there seem to be more new comic book TV shows and 2020 is no exception but we're not complaining - the wealth of great new superhero shows and comic book adaptations makes for some of the best shows on television. From familiar names from the Big Two (Marvel & DC) to indie comics you may never have heard of before, the new comic book shows of 2020 have something for everyone.

One of the most anticipated 2020 comic book adaptations is Locke & Key, based on the comic book by Joe Hill. Originally expected in 2019, the Netflix series is worth the wait. Another addition to the Archie Comics and CW family of shows is also arriving in 2020 with Katy Keene, a musical comedy-drama.

However you like your comic book series, from capes to creeps to light-hearted fun, vote the new comic book TV shows in 2020 shows up and down accordingly so fellow nerds know what's good.