The Best Marvin Gaye Songs of All Time

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List of the best Marvin Gaye songs, ranked by fans like you. Along with The Beatles, Marvin Gaye was a major '60s pop act that took his music in a radically different and personal direction that changed the face of music. After a string of hugh Motown hits that still get radio play to this day, Gaye made the personal and artistically ambitious What's Going On. A textured and adventurous R&B album that tackled themes of social consciousness, the album redefined what a pop album could be. For the rest of the '70s he would continue to follow whatever artistic detour his muse took him on regardless of commercial success.

This list covers both versions of Marivin Gave, '60s Motown hitmaker and '70s musical risk taker, through such classics from "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" to "Let's Get It On." If this doesn't have all the Marvin you need, we understand. Add more and simply click the "Rerank List" button to put the songs in whatever order you like.
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