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The Best Masked Wrestlers in WWE History

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The WWE (formerly known as the WWF, or World Wrestling Federation) has had its fair share of, let's say, "odd" wrestlers throughout its journey up and down this lonely road of faith that we call history. But oftentimes, it's the oddballs that stand out. That is certainly the case with these masked wrestlers - the greatest facially decorated wrestlers (WWE Superstars) of all time.

Mexican-style wrestling and the lucha libre tradition of masked wrestlers almost takes away from the novelty of a masked superstar but in the WWE the headgear is so few and far between that they always make the WWE Universe stand up and pay attention. With a few standout top superstar exceptions, the fate of a masked wrestling superstar is largely the same: A flash in the pan. They burn bright, almost as bright as their masks, and then disappear back into whatever wormhole they rocketed out of never to be seen again. And that's exactly how it should be.

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