The Best Movies About Massachusetts

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Regardless of where the movie was filmed, it must be set in Massachusetts. Vote up the best movies with Massachusetts as the backdrop.

Which of these movies about Massachusetts are the best? It's time to vote up the best movies set in the Bay State. Some of these movies were actually filmed in Massachusetts but all of them are about or partially set in Massachusetts. Situated in the heart of New England, Massachusetts is the inspiration or setting for classic movies and cult favorites. From Good Will Hunting to Legally Blonde, it's time to finally determine the greatest Massachusetts movies.

Massachusetts is also the setting for several horror films including the Re-Animator, Jaws, and The Haunting. Vote up the best movies based in Massachusetts. Be sure to check back to see what other voters think about these Massachusetts films. Don't see your favorite Massachusetts movie? Add it to the list and find out how other film aficionados rank your additions.

if you are afan of horror movies, check out this list of the best horror movies set in Massachusetts.

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