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The Best Massive Attack Albums of All Time

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List RulesThis list includes studio albums only, so if you add an album make sure it's a proper studio release.

Massive Attack are widely considered one of the best Bristol scene trip-hop bands of all time. List of the best Massive Attack albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. This Massive Attack discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Massive Attack albums can be found at the top of the list. To make it easy for you, we haven't included Massive Attack singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. If you think the greatest Massive Attack album isn't high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves. Make sure you don't just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite Massive Attack album, then vote it up, even if it's not necessarily the most popular.

If you want to know what is the best Massive Attack album of all time, this list will answer your question. It's made up of many different albums, including Mezzanine, Blue Lines, and 100th Window.

This list of popular Massive Attack CDs has been voted on by music fans around the world, so the order of this list isn't just one person's opinion. 

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    1. Angel
    2. Risingson
    3. Teardrop
    4. Inertia Creeps
    5. Exchange
    6. Dissolved Girl
    7. Man Next Door
    8. Black Milk
    9. Mezzanine
    10. Group Four
    11. (Exchange)

    • Release Date: 1998
    • Artist: Massive Attack
    • Tracks: Mezzanine, Risingson, Teardrop
    • Genres (Music): Electronica, Alternative rock, Electronic dance music, Experimental rock, Trip hop
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    1. Safe from Harm
    2. One Love
    3. Blue Lines
    4. Be Thankful for What You've Got
    5. Five Man Army
    6. Unfinished Sympathy
    7. Daydreaming
    8. Lately
    9. Hymn of the Big Wheel

    • Release Date: 1991
    • Artist: Massive Attack
    • Tracks: Five Man Army, Be Thankful for What You've Got, Lately
    • Genres (Music): Soul music, Alternative hip hop, Trip hop
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    1. Protection
    2. Karmacoma
    3. Three
    4. Weather Storm
    5. Spying Glass
    6. Better Things
    7. Eurochild
    8. Sly
    9. Heat Miser
    10. Light My Fire

    • Release Date: 1994
    • Artist: Massive Attack
    • Tracks: Heat Miser, Sly, Protection
    • Genres (Music): Trip hop, Lounge music, Chill-out music
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    1. Future Proof
    2. What Your Soul Sings
    3. Everywhen
    4. Special Cases
    5. Butterfly Caught
    6. A Prayer for England
    7. Small Time Shot Away
    8. Name Taken
    9. Antistar (Includes the untitled Hidden Track, but sometimes consider as "LP4")

    • Release Date: 2003
    • Artist: Massive Attack
    • Tracks: I Against I, Butterfly Caught, Everywhen
    • Genres (Music): Electronica, Alternative hip hop, Experimental music, Electronic dance music, Trip hop
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