The Best 'MasterChef' Winners, Ranked 

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The most popular MasterChef winners have proved their skills in the kitchen by churning out some fantastic meals to wow judges and audiences. Who's your favorite MasterChef contender? There's nothing easy about being on any reality television program, but it takes a great amount of skill and quick thinking to create delicious gourmet dishes when facing challenges like ingredient restrictions and tight time constraints. Who are the best MasterChef winners? Help decide below! 

Judged by the notoriously temperamental Gordon Ramsey, the below competitors proved their skills in the kitchen and prepared a stunning final meal that secured them the top spot in the competition. Successful MasterChef winners often brought inspiring stories to the table. Season 3's Christine Hà, for example, cooked while nearly completely blind and season 8 winner Dino Luciano has spoken openly about his struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You'll find these and other contestants below on this list of past MasterChef winners. Vote the most talented cooks to the top! 

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Christine Hà is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best 'MasterChef' Winners, Ranked
Photo:  Fox
Christine Hà

Winner: Season 3 (2012)
Winning Meal: Thai papaya salad with crab and vegetables, braised pork belly with rice, kale, and mushrooms, and coconut lime sorbet

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Dino Angelo Luciano is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best 'MasterChef' Winners, Ranked
Photo:  Fox
Dino Angelo Luciano

Winner: Season 8 (2017)
Winning Meal: Calamari, clams, rack of lamb, caponata, roasted pistachio tiramisu, orange mascarpone cream, and pistachio tuile

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Luca Manfé is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best 'MasterChef' Winners, Ranked
Photo:  Fox
Luca Manfé

Winner: Season 4 (2013)
Winning Meal: Pan-seared duck liver with caramelized peaches, Asian peat chutney, toasted French brioche, tamarind and balsamic-braised beef short ribs, truffle puree, sauteed mushrooms, and basil panna cotta with jam, mascarpone, and honey 

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Gerron Hurt is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best 'MasterChef' Winners, Ranked
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Gerron Hurt

Winner: Season 9 (2018)
Winning Meal: Carabinero prawns with heirloom grits, shellfish au jus, and crispy shallots, and flourless chocolate cake with taramind caramel and spicy pepita brittle.

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