The Most Random Matt Damon Cameos  

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Matt Damon is an incredible actor (and writer). Damon is a movie star through and through, leading blockbuster mega-movies and small character-driven indies alike. But as they say: there are no small parts. That's a lesson he has apparently learned hard - because Damon makes more random cameos than seemingly any other major actor.

Damon's an intelligent, well-spoken guy, as he demonstrates in many interviews (especially this one re: teachers). Naturally, he plays plenty of intelligent, well-spoken characters, as well as action heroes. So when he shows up leading a comedy it's always a nice surprise, but sometimes he really surprises, showing up in movies or on TV shows you had no idea would involve even a hint of Damon.

Even better than knowing Damon will pop up in a film is when you don't. Those awesome surprise cameo moments (usually comedic) that happen in movies that make you go "no way, was that?!" Yes, it was. It was Matt Damon. And he was awesome. These are the very best Matt Damon cameos, so vote up your favorite (usually uncredited) appearance below.

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Most of Finding Forrester is totally devoid of Damon, yet in the final minutes of this drama, the actor appears for a brief but important role that is, in some ways, the emotional lynchpin of the whole movie.

This one feels Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant called his former leading man in to make sure a scene played just right.

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Here's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by not just Matt Damon but also Brad Pitt. The film was directed by fellow Ocean's star (and friend to both) George Clooney. Damon and Pitt play "Matt" and "Brad," two Dating Game contestants who don't end up with the girl.

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Ocean's Eleven through Thirteen movies really brought their ridiculous cast together. Not only did Damon cameo in a movie directed by George Clooney, but he also appeared on The Bernie Mac Show, playing himself in a celebrity gold tournament.

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In a running gag throughout the season 6 finale, real life movie star Matt Damon plays Matt Damon, lobbying to convince fictitious movie star Vincent Chase to donate to his charitable cause. "It's for the kids!" The episode actually ends with a weeping Damon.

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