The Best McDonald's Advertising Slogans

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McDonald's has had a lot of slogans since they first opened in 1940 and they're responsible for some of the catchiest and best taglines and slogans for fast food. With eye-catching characters like Mac Tonight and Ronald McDonald - not to mention their promotions with everyone from The Flintstones to Sonic the Hedgehog -  the best McDonald's taglines are incredibly memorable.

 Much like the food they advertise, good McDonald's slogans are simple, satisfying and feel ubiquitous. "I'm lovin' it" is their most modern slogan and just the words themselves probably summon the accompanying jingle directly to your brain. They've also been telling us to "Put a Smile On" since the 2000s, but before that the Golden Arches spent the '70s through the '90s reminding us that "You Deserve A Break Today."

Whether the slogans sold you on the food or not, the most memorable McDonald's taglines compress everything you need to know about them into one brief phrase. What are the McDonald's slogans that have stuck the strongest in your mind?

Most divisive: Ronald Makes it Magic
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    I'm lovin' it


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    It's Mac Tonight

    (1985, Mac Tonight advertising)

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    You Deserve A Break Today

    (1971–1975 and 1989–1991, concurrent with 1988 slogan)

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    Did somebody say McDonald's?


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    Look for the Golden Arches!


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    Do you believe in magic?

    (March 17, 1992 – October 15, 1997, Ronald McDonald and Happy Meal McDonald's ads)