The Most Blatant Fan Service Moments In The MCU (That We Still Love)

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The topic of fan service in superhero films is a difficult one to navigate. When people criticize franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe for plot-irrelevant moments or plot-hole-inducing easter eggs that serve only to please their most dedicated supporters, they assume that these moments are a bad thing. For many, it’s quite the contrary - some fans appreciate being catered to every now and then.

The aforementioned folks at Marvel Studios have consistently gone out of their way to deliver what they know their diehard fans want the most, cramming Avengers: Endgame full of deep-cut comic book references and peppering the entire franchise with copious shirtless scenes. Few walk out of a Marvel movie unsatisfied, and the unabashed fan service probably has something to do with that - which is why we keep asking for more!