14 Times The MCU Made Memorable Moments Out Of Exposition Dumps

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The most memorable Marvel scenes typically feature intense fights or large set pieces. But occasionally, in their best moments, the minds behind the MCU can take the typically boring exposition dumps prominent in action movies and turn them into insanely entertaining pieces of cinema. 

A common trick to make a long piece of exposition more interesting is to have the lines delivered by any one of the MCU's incredibly overqualified actors. MCU montages of clips that help visualize the idea being described are another way the filmmakers keep things interesting. Whatever methods they choose to employ, the minds behind the MCU have proven time and time again that they can make even the most boring of explanations entertaining.


  • Scott Lang's friend from prison, Luis, was a breakout character in Ant-Man. Luis is funny in every scene he's in, but his most memorable scenes (and the most memorable scenes in the film) are when he's excitedly telling stories. So, it only makes sense that Ant-Man and the Wasp would choose to use him to recount the events of the first film. 

    Luis is injected with truth serum by Sonny Burch, which makes him even more talkative than normal. He's then asked about Scott Lang, which prompts him to launch into a story about meeting Lang, what happened in Ant-Man, and what has happened since. What's so entertaining about these Luis scenes is that as he tells the story, the audience is shown clips of the characters acting out what he's saying, except Luis speaks for all the characters. 

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  • Jeff Goldblum delivers what is quite possibly the most entertaining performance in the MCU as the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok

    The explanation of Sakaar begins while Thor is riding along a track in a chair while being lectured in a monotone robot voice about the creation of Sakaar. As he goes along, the chair gains speed and frightens Thor to such a degree that he begins to scream before realizing he's sitting in a room. Then, Goldblum, the exact opposite of a monotone robotic voice, takes over. Goldblum finishes the explanation as to what is going on, and Thor realizes he's going to be trapped on Sakaar for a while. 

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  • Since the MCU is a serialized universe, Spider-Man: Far From Home has the unenviable job of making sure its viewers are up to date on the events of Avengers: Endgame. To do so, the film uses an in-universe school broadcast that begins as a humorous and clearly-made-by-a-student in memoriam to the fallen Avengers.

    This switches to two high school student reporters arguing with each other while explaining what happened to their fellow students, and it even includes footage of the blip happening during a marching band performance. 

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  • The time heist in Endgame not only allows the Avengers to gather the stones they need to defeat Thanos, but it allows fans and the characters themselves to take a stroll down the MCU memory lane. Along the way, the Avengers are able to interact with characters that have since perished, which makes for some pretty interesting scenes, even if it's just two characters having a conversation. 

    For example, to retrieve the Time Stone, Bruce Banner meets the Ancient One for the first time - two characters who fans never thought would ever meet. Tilda Swinton is exceptional in the role, and it's fun to see her take charge in such an unfamiliar situation. Even though the Ancient One is explaining complicated timeline information, Swinton's acting and the visual of the timeline makes it fun. The exposition also serves to add even greater stakes to what the characters are doing, which adds greatly to its watchability. 

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    Hela Informing Skurge Of Asgard's Real History In 'Thor: Ragnarok'

    After conquering Asgard, Hela takes a walk down memory lane with her new pet Skurge. In the throne room, Hela destroys a mural on the ceiling depicting the happy foundation of Asgard. This reveals the true founding of the kingdom, in which Hela and Odin viciously fought to conquer the other realms. Hela explains to Skurge that she was imprisoned after Odin decided to change his ways. 

    Hela then takes Skurge to Odin's treasure room, where she reveals that most of the items there are completely fake. 

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  • After searching the world over for a cure for his damaged hands, Stephen Strange makes his way to Kamar-Taj where he meets the Ancient One. After being served a cup of tea, the always entertaining Tilda Swinton keeps Strange on his toes as she explains how she "healed" Pangborn. While Strange tries to guess what medical technique the Ancient One is using to heal those who come to her, she keeps offering up vague pieces of exposition as to how she actually does it.

    But, of course, Strange doesn't catch on until she flat out shows him by punching his astral form out of his body. 

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