The Best Movies In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked

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The best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies recreate the enduring characters for a whole new generation, using the classic comic book storylines to tell narratives that remain relevant today. Currently in Phase Three, the first two MCU Phases brought us Iron Man, The Avengers, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Marvel sagas have a timelessness about them as morality tales of good versus evil will always be an overarching cultural concern. Out of all the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which ones do the best job of revamping these iconic characters for modern times?

Which Marvel films have struck a chord with audiences? Black Panther has received nearly universal critical acclaim and been lauded for using the characters and setting to make allegorical points about race relations in America. The Iron Man franchise shows how modern technology - if used responsibly - can serve humanity's benefit, as an iron suit and electromagnet give Tony Stark his power. The Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers franchises illustrate the necessity of harmony and cooperation between allies to face down larger threats. Other good MCU movies include Ant-Man, Thor: Ragnarok, and Doctor Strange.

So now we ask you: what are the best MCU movies? Vote up your favorites and vote down the worst MCU movies to rank them from best to worst.

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