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Recurring Jokes In The MCU That Keep Us Laughing Post-Endgame

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Through over twenty films and over a dozen unforgettable performances, the MCU kept us on our toes for a decade. In tragedy and devastation, between the forces of good and evil, Earth's Mightiest Heroes could save the day and make us laugh until our sides hurt. Along with your favorite standalone jokes, there are quite a few recurring jokes in the Marvel universe that make us laugh every time. 

Take a look at these long-running gags in the MCU and vote up those that stand the test of time.

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    Rocket Being Mistaken For Any Animal Other Than A Raccoon

    Despite being a hardened criminal, master thief, and a spaceship captain, Rocket Raccoon gets no respect. He is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Guardians. Nebula calls him a fox, Thor calls him a rabbit, and Quill calls him a "trash panda."

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    Cap Being The Old Man He Is

    One of the more adorable aspects of Steve Rogers is his genuine confusion in pop culture and technology. One of the funniest lines in The Avengers is when Cap understands a Wizard of Oz reference. It's also worth mentioning the only recent movie he's seen is Star Wars.

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    On Your Left

    Photo: Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "On your left" is an old in-joke between Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In Avengers: Endgame, he announced his appearence with a casual, "on your left!"

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    Fighting Over Who's The Strongest

    It only makes sense The Avengers would argue who's the strongest. In the memorable after-party scene in Age of Ultron, Cap is seen struggling to lift Mjolnir. This comes full circle in Endgame, Cap might not actually be the strongest Avenger, but it's pretty impressive he can wield Mjolnir.

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