The Best Meals to Eat

What is the best meal to eat? Lots of people love to carry on about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or that you shouldn't skip lunch, or that snacks throughout the day are important. But what is truly the best and most fun meal that brings a smile to your face and makes life worth living? It's time to vote up the best meals that you look forward to the most and just plain love to eat.

Maybe you have a sweet tooth and count down the hours, minutes, and seconds until dessert. Or maybe you are all about coffee breaks. Each person has their own meal preferences. From your frenemy who is always inviting you to brunch and scrunch (that means second brunch!), to your grandmother who won't stop raving about supper at the retirement home (why she won't just call it dinner is beyond you!), to the Brits who love tea time, there are plenty of delicious meals to eat throughout the day.

Which is your favorite meal of the day? Why not rerank this list of meals and let the world know? It is fun and easy: even easier than setting up a dinner with a large group of friends! So whether you are a Fourth Meal loyalist or one of those people who gets up early to eat a complete breakfast, cast your votes below.
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  • Dinner
    405 votes


  • Dessert
    333 votes


  • Breakfast
    389 votes


  • Lunch
    314 votes