The Very Best Medical Magazines, Ranked

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If you're curious about a specific ailment, work in the medical field, or are simply interested in learning more about science and medicine, there are plenty of good medical magazines worth a monthly subscription. The best medical magazines explain difficult concepts in digestible terms and often provide easy-to-follow advice to help you stay healthy and happy. Some magazines provide an overview of the history of medicine as well, allowing you to learn a bit more about how far we've come in terms of science and technology. Which publications are worth a read? Here, you'll find a ranked list of medical magazines to help you find the right journals for you. 

There are some magazines for doctors or nurses that cover the latest technological innovations in medicine, often put out by prestigious schools like John Hopkins University. However, there are also plenty of more popular magazines that are written to provide guidance for the general public. Psychology Today, for example, features articles about neuroscience, therapy, parenting and more and can help you live your best life. Below, vote up the highest quality medical periodicals and feel free to add anything you think is missing. 

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