The 21 Best Medieval Anime of All Time

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If you're a fan of the medieval period who also loves anime, this list will help you find some awesome medieval anime to add to your to-watch list. 

The term "medieval" here is used loosely, as many of these series take place in alternate universes with different methods of marking time, or aren't clear as to exactly when they take place. Rather than strictly taking place in the historic medieval period, these take place a few hundred years in the past and have knights, dragons, sword fighting, royal families, peasant, and other attributes associated with medieval life. 

Some of the best medieval anime include popular titles like Berserk and Spice & Wolf, as well as lesser-known but equally worthwhile shows like Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit and The Story of Saiunkoku. Vote up the series that you think deserve the most attention.

Most divisive: Maria the Virgin Witch

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    Guts's intensely dark journey through a magical version of medieval Europe has been captivating audiences since the '90s. Prepare for some of the bloodiest, most unsettling scenes in anime history - as well as some of the best character development. 

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    Vinland Saga
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    Thorfinn is the son of a powerful Viking warrior, but it's his own skills that he'll need to rely on. When his father's life is taken, he'll need to get strong enough to take his revenge.

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    Goblin Slayer
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    Goblin Slayer's name describes his priorities to a tee - his goal is to wipe goblins off the face of the Earth. Working alongside the Priestess, High Elf, Dwarf, and a Lizard-man, he sets about taking on goblins wherever he finds them. 

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  • The Rising of the Shield Hero
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    A modern-day university student named Naofumi Iwatani suddenly finds himself whisked away to a magical kingdom called Melromarc. He, along with three other men, were summoned to become the world's Four Cardinal Heroes and protect the kingdom from monsters. However, his luck takes a turn for the worse after he's named the "Shield Hero" and ridiculed by the kingdom's people.

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    Kenshin Himura was once a political mercenary who was known for his ruthlessness. Now, he dedicates himself to a life of pacifism - but still does what he has to do to protect the people he loves.

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    In a world where man-eating demons called youma ravage the population, half-human, half-youma hybrids called Claymores are the only one who can stop them. Clare is one of these Claymores, and the series follows her journey.

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