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The 20 Best Medieval Anime of All Time

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If you're a fan of the medieval period who also loves anime, this list will help you find some awesome medieval anime to add to your to-watch list. 

The term "medieval" here is used loosely, as many of these series take place in alternate universes with different methods of marking time, or aren't clear as to exactly when they take place. Rather than strictly taking place in the historic medieval period, these take place a few hundred years in the past and have knights, dragons, sword fighting, royal families, peasant, and other attributes associated with medieval life. 

Some of the best medieval anime include popular titles like Berserk and Spice & Wolf, as well as lesser-known but equally worthwhile shows like Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit and The Story of Saiunkoku. Vote up the series that you think deserve the most attention.

  • Kenshin Himura was once a political mercenary who was known for his ruthlessness. Now, he dedicates himself to a life of pacifism - but still does what he has to do to protect the people he loves.

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  • Just as Prince Arslan is preparing to prove himself as a warrior, his father is betrayed by a trusted official, and the Kingdom of Pars is overthrown. Arslan must go on a journey to gather allies to help his father reclaim their kingdom. 

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  • In a world that resembles Britain in the Middle Ages, a group called the Holy Knights of Britannia rule the Kingdom of Liones with an iron fist. The Seven Deadly Sins are a mysterious but powerful ragtag group of warriors who may be the only ones who can challenge them. 

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  • Princess Yona leads a life of luxury until a coup d'etat leaves her orphaned and presumably helpless. As the princess adjusts to life outside the palace, she must come to terms with the inequality that plagues her kingdom and fix it like the true leader she was born to be.

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