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The Best Medieval Composers, Ranked

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Medieval music is, to this day, widely considered some of the most influential of all time, and these are the greatest Medieval composers ranked from best to worst by fan votes. That having been said, this list of the best Medieval composers has some of the most important figures in Classical music. Music lovers will be familiar with a few of the more famous Medieval composers, but the lesser known names on this list have equally left a lasting impact on Classical music, and more importantly, on song and musical structure.

People like French composer and poet Guillaume de Machaut made many notable contributions to music during Medieval times. He was known to have written individual pieces of music that were either secular and sacred. Hildegard of Bingen was another one of the best medieval composers. The talented Medieval composer Adam de la Hall wrote the musical play, “Jeu de Robin et Marion.” Other famous musicians who are featured on this top Medieval composers list include Philippe de Vitry, Gaucelm Faidit and Neidhart van Reuental.

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