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The Best Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

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List of top destinations for a Mediterranean cruise. What are the most popular destinations for a Mediterranean cruise? This list ranks the best Mediterranean cruise destinations, an area rich with history, beauty and culture. The Mediterranean's enchanting Rivieras, breathtaking scenery and luxurious port stops make it a popular region for cruise vacations in southern Europe.

Where are the best destinations on a Mediterranean cruise? Some of the most popular Mediterranean cruise destinations include Greece, France and Italy. Spain, Turkey ad Egypt are also some of the top cruise destinations, and the best way to experience everything the Mediterranean has to offer is on a ship! Being on a cruise ship allows passengers to experience the natural beauty of the area with amazing views of the small seaside towns from one destination to the next.

Most cruise itineraries last between 7 and 14 days, though some last even longer. Some of the most popular cities to visit include Athens, Barcelona, Florence, and Tel Aviv. The real beauty lies in some of the lesser known sea towns and islands of the Mediterranean. Croatia, Monaco and Greece are very popular Mediterranean destinations that offer a sample of seaside life with smaller, less populated towns than the bustling, tourist-friendly towns in Italy and France. 

What are top Mediterranean cruise destinations? This list ranks the best cruise destinations of the Mediterranean.