The Best Mekakucity Actors Quotes

What's your favorite quote from Mekakucity Actors? An anime adaptation of Kagerou ProjectMekakucity Actors follows Shintarou Kisaragi as he leaves his room for the first time in two years and gets caught in a captivity situation at the local department store. Since it's such a great anime, let's rank the best Kagerou Project quotes, including lines from Kano, Kisaragi, and more.

Enomoto Takane warns of the dangers of living an isolated life when she says: "When people immerse themselves in their own world and other people around them start doing something, they can’t help but feel very lonely." Another great Mekakucity Actors quote comes from Kozakura Marry, who has a similar message: "The others taught me something. That one needn't fear the future. That one needn't hate the world. From now on, the world will not simply be my fantasy. It will be our one and only, real future."

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  • The Smile
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    The Smile

    "The smile of you, who flew through this window and died, I won't ever forget, not even tomorrow."

    -Kisaragi Shintaro

  • Even Myself
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    Even Myself

    "I can't blame you if you can't accept myself because even myself can't accept who I am."

    -Kano Shuuya

  • When You Hurt People
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    When You Hurt People

    "Do you know what happens when you hurt people? They begin to love you less and the worst is, they may begin to forget that they loved you once."

    -Kano Shuuya

  • Lose the Chance
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    Lose the Chance

    "Even when you want to say something, there are times when you'll lose the chance to."

    -Tateyama Ayano 

  • Regretting the Past
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    Regretting the Past

    "How can you move forward if you keep regretting the past?"

    -Kano Shuuya

  • I Don't Care
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    I Don't Care

    "There's always a little emotion behind every 'I don't care'".

    -Kisaragi Shintaro