The Best Characters In Mel Brooks Movies

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Gather ‘round as we rank Mel Brooks’ most popular movie characters. As one of the leading pioneers of parodies, Mel Brooks is known for making movies that play off of various cinematic genres. He does this, in part, by populating his works with memorable characters who have unique and humorous personality traits.

The director first made a splash in 1967 with The Producers, a comedy that went on to spawn a 2005 remake, as well as a popular Broadway musical. It features two of the all-time greatest characters in any Mel Brooks movie: Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom. The 1970s were his most successful decade as he delivered Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, both of which are among the most popular comedy movies ever made. The '80s brought another smash hit, Spaceballs. The Star Wars spoof remains beloved to this day. It, too, gave us memorable characters like Dark Helmet and Pizza the Hutt.

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