The Most Delicious Types of Melons

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When you think of summer, what food comes to mind? If you said "watermelon", you're not alone. Along with other types of melon, these juicy fruits are cultivated and enjoyed around the world. Some varieties of melon are eaten fresh and raw, while others lend a unique note to complex recipes. Many good melons don't even taste fruity at all.

What fruit should top this list of the best melons to eat? Green on the outside and pink on the inside, watermelons are as beautiful as they are delicious. This tasty melon is often sliced and served as a simple snack, but it also makes a refreshing beverage when juiced. Cantaloupes are another one of the most popular melons in households all over the world. Besides their sweet flavor, honeydew melons also serve as a good source of vitamin C. The bitter melon sits on the other end of the flavor spectrum, and is usually served cooked to temper its taste. Other good melons featured on this top melons list include winter melons, muskmelons, and horned melons.

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