The Best Melted Cheese Snacks Ever

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Common melted cheese snacks only. No gourmet items. No signature dishes. Nothing unique. This is a list for the masses. This list is for everyone.

Is there anything better than melted cheese? No. Is it even possible to identify the best melted cheese snack ever? Yes. Hot, ooey-gooey, and irresistible, these are the best melted cheese snacks of all time, ranked by cheese-lovers the world over. Which are your favorite warm cheesy treats? Should pizza be ranked higher than nachos? Is a grilled cheese sandwich a better delivery vehicle for melted cheese than a quesadilla? Can you even compare queso and fondue? Do some soul-searching. The answers will come to you.

It's a simple truth we're after on this ranked list of melted cheese snacks. In order to be the ultimate authority on melted cheese, we need a lot of votes. You can help not only by voting up the best kinds of melted cheese foods, but also by sharing, asking your friends and family to vote, encouraging them to ask their families and friends to share and vote, and so on. (This is starting to sound like that annoying 80's shampoo commercial starring Heather Locklear - it's time to wrap it up.) Only the wisdom of the crowd can determine the best way to enjoy melted cheese. And that will be really cool.

Vote up your favorite melted cheese snacks and vote down any you don't really like.

Most divisive: Irish Nachos
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