The Best Men's Wallet Brands

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A wallet is one of those rare accessories you literally see every day – doesn’t it make sense to choose one that you would actually want to look at when you pull it out of your pocket multiple times a day? While it may seem like an insignificant item to purchase, if you think about how much you use it, it makes sense to invest a little more cash to pick one that you will really enjoy for years. What are some good wallet brands for men?

The most popular brands of wallets are the ones in which companies have invested only the best materials and designs in fashioning their products. Everyone loves the look and feel of genuine leather; it even has a distinctive smell to it that cottons just don’t have! Many of these best brands use genuine leather when making their wallets. Because a wallet is not an accessory that people see every day since its tucked away in your back pocket, when they do see it they’ll be extra-impressed if it’s a designer brand!

This list includes the top brand of mens wallets, including: Tumi, Prada, Gucci, Bally, and Michael Kors. Vote for your favorite brand today, and add any that are missing from this list.
Most divisive: Bally
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