The Best Men's Dress Shoe Brands

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The shoes make the outfit and the outfit makes the man. Of all the items in a closet, dress shoes might be the most important. Why? Because they reveal how much a man respects himself. That being said, you need to know where to start. That's why we've put together this list of best men's dress shoe brands

Shoes say a lot about a man. Don't you want yours to say "I'm classy and have a great sense of personal style"? Designer men's dress shoe brands like Prada, Kenneth Cole, and Boss are known for their high quality products. The same quality extends to their shoes. Luckily that quality also means they will last you a long time, which means you should feel free to spend a little more.

But you also don't have to break the bank when to comes to your shoe budget. Izod, Dockers, and Van Heusen all offer low-cost dress shoes for men that are still very stylish. That means you can wear cheap dress shoes every day! Well... at least for those fancy and more formal events. What's most important is that you find a pair of good men's dress shoes that you'll actually enjoy wearing. That means finding the most comfortable men's dress shoes on the market.

Before you rush out to pick up a pair of dress shoes, check out our list of best men's dress shoes brands. Vote up the brand that puts that spring in your step and style in your wardrobe!
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