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15 Male Care Products That Promote Personal Hygiene And Confidence

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Male grooming products are on the rise and it can be difficult to tell which of them is the best. We are here to rank the best men's grooming products available now. From men's skin care products to men's hygiene essentials you'll find all the items to round out your daily maintenance and grooming routine. While most of these male grooming products are for the start of your day there are a few that you can take with you to make sure you present your best self into the evening. It's your body and the only one you get so it makes sense to take care of it from head to toe.

If you are looking for men's face products be sure to read on about the Lab Series Instant Filter Moisturizer. Concerned more about maintenance below the waist? Then Manscaped has got you covered with The Perfect Package 2.0. It includes everything you need to curate and sustain a manscaping routine. Now it's time to determine the best male grooming products with the help of your votes. Vote up the products that will give you the confidence to take on the day and vote down the products you don't consider essential to your daily routine.

  • Zwilling Stainless - Steel Nai is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 15 Male Care Products That Promote Personal Hygiene And Confidence
    Photo: Zwilling

    For the man who cares, the Steel Nail Clipper from Zwilling Stainless will add to your male grooming experience. Foldable and durable, you'll never have to worry about unruly nails again. It also includes a nail file for the finishing touches once you're done with the initial clipping.

    It also comes with a protective leather case for easy storage. The compact and unique design is great for travel and will keep you ready to tame your nails whenever the needed.

  • Do you like having a beard but wish to not have to deal with the itchiness or dry dull hair that can result? Look to The Gentlemen's Beard Premium Beard Oil Leave-In Conditioner & Softner for a beard maintenance option that will leave your beard feeling soft and well maintained. It is also fragrance-free which means it won't compete with any additional body spray or cologne you choose to put on at the start of your day. Its only function is to provide you with a better beard.

    A few drops at a time is all it takes and you'll be on your way to a better feeling and looking beard in no time.

  • Suavecito - Original Hold Poma is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 15 Male Care Products That Promote Personal Hygiene And Confidence
    Photo: Suavecito

    When you are looking for that right combination of hold and shine Suavecito's Original Hold Pomade has got you covered. No matter your hairstyle, this pomade will keep it in check throughout the day with its medium hold and healthy medium shine.

    Gels can be difficult to deal with and hard to wash out of your hair. Sauvecito's Original Hold Pomade is waterbased and effortlessly rinses from your hair when you're done for the day or night.

  • Manscaped - The Perfect Packag is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 15 Male Care Products That Promote Personal Hygiene And Confidence
    Photo: Manscaped

    Looking for tools for grooming "down there?" The Perfect Package 2.0 from Manscaped is the best way to satisfy all your below-the-waist grooming needs. Featured on ABC's Shark Tank, Manscaped's grooming kit includes a waterproof electric trimmer, a safety razor, deodorant, body toner, and disposable shaving mats along with a handy travel bag. 

    Luckily for you, you can get 20% off your entire order with free shipping when you use code RANKER20 at Their products also feature a 30-day money back guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose (except hair).