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The Best Men's Magazines (U.S.)

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A list of the best magazines for men: men's health magazines, men's fitness magazines, fashion magazines and lifestyle magazines are included and voted on in this list. While there are plenty of blogs and online-only publications targeted towards men, it is likely that there will always be a place for physical, print magazines. (Unless you are one of those people who think that print is already dead.) 
We love reading magazines when we need to pass time on an airplane, relax during off-hours or make ourselves look busy on a train or in a waiting room. While you can typically find quick answers to style and health questions online, magazines are the ideal companion when you are looking to browse curated editorial information for inspiration or style assistance. Since most magazine editors are women, it is safe to say that at least one female set of eyes saw and approved any fashion choices recommended by men's fashion magazines. 

This list is judged on who these magazines seem to be marketing themselves towards, what types of stories are included and the quality of the writing. Use this list to help you decide what men's magazine you should subscribe to and what new men's magazine you should read. 
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