The Best Heavy Metal Songs Of 2018

With some of the greatest heavy metal bands producing new hits, it's hard to pinpoint the best heavy metal songs of 2018. In 2018, metal remains an evocative genre that strives to use bold sounds and lyrics to elicit a powerful reaction from an audience. Which of the new metal songs are truly the best? Help us decide below. 

Featuring metalcore bands (The Plot in You, For the Fallen Dreams), industrial metal bands (Ministry, Megaherz), and classic metal bands (Judas Priest, Megadeth), this list of 2018 metal songs includes all genres of heavy metal rock music. 

Which 2018 heavy metal songs had you hooked right away? From popular songs that topped the metal charts to more obscure hits, it's all listed below for you to peruse. Help decide the best metal songs of the year by giving your favorites a thumbs up. Please feel free to add any great tunes that are missing. 

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  • Firepower


    199 votes
  • Lightning Strike

    Lightning Strike

    309 votes
  • Wishing Wells

    Wishing Wells

    201 votes
  • Calm Before The Storm

    Calm Before The Storm

    96 votes