The Best Metal Songs About Heartbreak

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Heartbreak: Everyone’s been there. All genres of music have tackled the pain of a broken heart, even heavy metal. Don’t let the massive sound of metal fool you; beneath the rage lies a tender side. Okay, maybe not tender, but many metal songs about heartbreak are quite moving and powerful.

There are a lot of excellent, heartbreaking metal songs about breakups or the death of a loved one. And let’s face it, after any difficult split, listening to metal songs about breaking up is essential for hard rock fans. Metal breakup songs may actually help soothe an aching heart; or, at least provide enough balm to start the healing process.

Whether you want to wallow in misery or need a reminder that yes, at times, love totally sucks, crank up these metal songs about breakups and rock on. Deal with your heartache the metal way, by blasting these tunes as loud as you can in your car, at your house, or anywhere else you need some quick music therapy.   

Are you looking for some hard rock breakup songs? Look no further. You’ll find plenty of them on this list. Be sure to vote for all of your favorites – and you can rerank your own list in any order you choose.

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