The 55+ Best Metal Songs About Love

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It might seem surprising, but there are a lot of great metal songs about love. Just because a song features shredding solos, furious drums, and face-melting riffs doesn’t mean it can’t also be tender. Heavy metal love songs cover a variety of topics – from lost love and heartbreak to joy and love at first sight. Need proof? Check out all of these songs. They certainly qualify, as they’re all filled with emotion and insight.

If you’re in a metal romance and you’re looking for some heavy metal songs about love, this is the list. Hard rock songs about love can be cruel and twisted, portraying the pain of broken relationships, but they can also be poetic and beautiful, celebrating all that is great about being head-over-heels for someone. And yes, some of them are just straight-up love songs full of sexual innuendo. Those count too. And there is at least one song on this list that is a love song about…Satan. Hey, it’s metal, people.

From power ballads with soaring vocals (and searing guitars) to intense, loud, and aggressive tunes, hard rock songs about love strike a chord with fans of the genre. You’ll find love songs by hair metal, thrash metal, black metal, power metal bands and more. Many of the love songs on this list are fan favorites from iconic metal bands.

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