The Best Metal Songs for New Fans

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Vote up the quintessential metal songs all new fans should listen to ASAP.

Are you a new metal fan? Or, even better, is your buddy a new metal fan who’s asking you for some good recommendations for a playlist? This list of metal songs for noobs is for you.

Good metal songs noobs should listen to include classics and newer metal offerings. This list runs the gamut, but it’s filled with quintessential metal songs new fans should listen to. From metal icons like Black Sabbath (“Black Sabbath”) to Iron Maiden (“Hallowed Be Thy Name”) to Judas Priest (“Beyond the Realms of Death”) and more, these are the gold standard metal songs all fans should know.

Of course, between the Dio (“Holy Diver”) and Metallica (“Master of Puppets”), the list also includes some modern-era metal bands, like System of a Down (“Chop Suey!”), Lamb of God (“Laid to Rest”) and even Disturbed (“Down with the Sickness”). This way, your noob metal fan can find out what they like best.

Here’s where it gets interesting: You, metal fan, are going to vote for the definitively best metal songs you need to know as a fan – no matter what. You can also vote down any of these songs as not worthy of inclusion on a new fan’s metal playlist. Let’s help each other out here, and get these noobs the music they so deserve.

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