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The Best Metroidvania Video Games Ever Made

Pinning down the best Metroidvania games can be tough. See, Castlevania and Metroid became wildly popular at just about the same time in gaming history. Both games were incredibly difficult, both were 2D side scrolling games, and both launched franchises. A term was born for any video game that plays like these two: Metroidvania. So here's our ranked list of Metroidvania video games, as voted on by gamers who love the genre. Trust us, ranking these games from best to worse is a whole lot easier than beating them.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a popular example of a Metroidvania game from recent history. Though the Metroid series sometimes strays away from its original mechanics and plays in different styles, Castlevania fans don't seem to want anything different. 

Vote up your favorite side-scrollers on this Metroidvania games list and if you're hardcore enough that you insist on calling them Castleroid games, go ahead and rerank the whole list. Notice any glaring omissions? Add them so your fellow gamers can vote them up too!
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