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The Best Mexican Candy and Sweets

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Looking to try out some new sweets? How about something a little south of the border? Here, you can find all the best Mexican candies that will make you say, “mmmmm,” ranked from best to worst by fellow candy lovers. The best Mexican candies come in a variety of options. Some popular Mexican candies are of the chocolate variety, but the most favored sweets from Mexico tend to combine sweet and spicy flavors. In fact, some of the most delectable Mexican candies are infused with chili flavors.

What sweet treats will you find on this best Mexican candy list? Paleta Payaso has to be near the top. These marshmallow lollipops are as fun as they are delicious. Their chocolate coating and gum drop eyes resemble the face of a friendly clown. Vero Mango is another popular Mexican candy that will treat any sweet tooth.

Tamarind is one of the most unique flavors in Mexican candy varieties, such as Pelon Pelonazo Tamrind. Other good Mexican candies include Jovy Revolcadtas, Indy Dedos, and Vero Pica Gomas Sandia.

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