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From classics to newer films, Netflix has an impression collection of Mexican movies available for streaming. Below is our ranking of the best Mexican movies on Netflix, which is directly impacted by your votes. Click the thumbs up next to your favorite Netflix Mexican movies to vote them up, and even add your own movie to the list if it's not currently there. 


Whether you’re looking for an emotional drama like Biutiful, a family melodrama like Instructions Not Included, or something comedic like Saving Private Perez you’ll find it on this list of the best Mexican movies on Netflix, along with the classic Like Water For Chocolate


These Mexican movies on Netflix also feature work by two directors who’ve gone on to become world renowned, like 2015’s Academy Award-winner Alejandro González Iñárritu (Best Director, Birdman) who has two films on the list Amores Perros and Biutiful, and 2014’s Academy Award-winner Alfonso Cuaron (Best Director, Gravity) represented here by Y Tu Mama Tambien and Solo Con Tu Pareja.

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Amores perros Gael García Bernal, Adriana Barraza, Goya Toledo Amores perros is a 2000 Mexican drama thriller film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and written by Guillermo Arriaga. Amores perros is the first installment in ...more

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El Infierno

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Y Tu Mamá También Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Maribel Verdú Y Tu Mamá También is a 2001 Mexican drama film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and co-written by Cuarón and his brother Carlos. The film tells a coming-of-age story about ...more

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Instructions Not Included Karla Souza, Eugenio Derbez, Jesús Ochoa Instructions Not Included is a 2013 Mexican comedy-drama film co-written, directed by, and starring Eugenio Derbez.

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Like Water for Chocolate Marco Leonardi, Yareli Arizmendi, Mario Vazquez Watch for Free with Amazon Prime Free Trial Like Water for Chocolate is a 1992 film in the style of magical realism based on the popular novel, published in 1989 by first-time Mexican novelist Laura Esquivel. It earned all 11 Ariel awards ...more

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Saving Private Perez Isela Vega, Claudia Salinas, Joaquín Cosío Salvando al soldado Pérez (Saving Private Perez) is a 2011 adventure, comedy, western film written by Beto Gómez and Francisco Payó González and directed by Beto

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Biutiful Javier Bardem, Sophie Evans, Dunia Montenegro Biutiful is a 2010 Mexican-Spanish drama film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and starring Javier Bardem. It is González Iñárritu's first ...more

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Cinco de Mayo: La Batalla

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The Violin Silverio Palacios, Gerardo Taracena, Ángel Tavira Watch for Free with Amazon Prime Free Trial The Violin is a 2005 Mexican drama film directed by Francisco Vargas. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

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Después de Lucía

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Love in the Time of Hysteria Claudia Ramírez, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Riccardo Dalmacci Sólo Con Tu Pareja is a 1991 Mexican film by Alfonso Cuarón. This was the first full-feature film for Cuarón who had previously worked at Televisa, a Mexican television ...more

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Chevolution The documentary film Chevolution examines the history and legacy of the photo Guerrillero Heroico taken by famous Cuban photographer Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez. This image has thrived ...more

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Leap Year Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Armando Hernandez, Monica del Carmen "Laura is a single, 25-year-old journalist who lives in a small apartment in Mexico City. After a long series of flings, Laura meets Arturo. The first time they make love, Arturo touches ...more

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Pastorela Ana Serradilla, Joaquín Cosío, Hector Jimenez Pastorela is a 2011 comedy and fantasy film written and directed by Emilio Portes.

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Déficit Gael García Bernal, Camila Sodi, Ana Serradilla Déficit is a 2007 Mexican feature film, the debut of Gael García Bernal as a director. It was written by Kyzza Terrazas and debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2007. In ...more