The Best Mezcal Brands

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The best Mezcal brands really bring that strong, smoky flavor to the table. Although some Mezcal brands can be sweet, many mezcal tequilas derive their bold tasted from the maguey plant in Mexico. Most of the best mezcal brands are produced in Oaxaca, but the drink is popular all over the world. Many of the top mezcal companies add a worm to the drink in the bottling process.

What good mezcal companies will you find on this best mezcal brands list? Los Amantes is frequently one of the best reviewed mezcals on the market. This top mezcal brand name is distilled three times, and features fruity, sweet tones. Fidencio is another great mezcal company.

San Juan is the home of the delicious Sombra Mezcal, which is tasty when enjoyed neat, as well as in a mixer. Other great companies that appear on this top mezcal brands list include Scorpion Resposado Mezcal, Mescal Vago, and Montelobos.

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Most divisive: Sombra
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