The Top Rappers From Miami

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Only famous rappers who were born in or started their careers in the Miami area.

Florida. A state known for its oranges, its family oriented vacation spots, its retirees and now, its thriving hip hop community.

Who are the top rappers from the Sunshine State, and more specifically, Miami? We here at Ranker have gone to the trouble of putting together a pretty comprehensive list (we hope) of the top rap artists from Miami and its surrounding areas. Some are more well known than others, some have more of an international presence than others, but all have left an indelible mark on hip hop and continue to shape its future. From the ever popular female rapper Trina to the underground stylings of NoEmotion Goldmask, there’s something for everyone here.

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Most divisive: Lil Pump
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  • XXXTentacion
    1,160 votes

    A controversial figure in the hip-hop world, this artist gained massive success with his raw and emotionally charged approach to rap. Despite facing numerous legal issues throughout his career, he managed to garner a dedicated fanbase and release two chart-topping albums before his untimely death in 2018. His impact on South Florida's booming SoundCloud rap scene is undeniable, leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence artists today.

  • Kodak Black

    Kodak Black

    685 votes

    Known for his distinctive voice and unapologetic lyrics, this artist has been making waves in the rap scene since his teenage years. With multiple platinum-certified singles under his belt, he has collaborated with industry heavyweights such as Lil Wayne and Travis Scott. Although no stranger to controversy, he remains an influential figure in Miami's hip-hop landscape, representing the grittier side of the city.

  • Rick Ross
    955 votes

    As one of the most well-known and respected figures in Miami's rap history, this artist has built an empire through his music and business ventures. He founded Maybach Music Group, which has become home to several successful artists, while also releasing ten studio albums and receiving Grammy nominations. Known for his luxurious lifestyle and larger-than-life persona, he continues to be a dominant force in hip-hop culture.

  • Rising from South Florida's SoundCloud rap scene alongside XXXTentacion, this artist quickly gained popularity with his energetic flows and humorous wordplay. Heavily influenced by punk rock and anime, he brings a unique style to the table that sets him apart from others in the genre. Despite facing personal losses and setbacks throughout his career, he remains resilient and continues to make an impact on Miami's music scene.

  • Denzel Curry

    Denzel Curry

    994 votes

    With a penchant for blending aggressive lyricism with melodic hooks, this artist has proven himself as one of Miami's most versatile talents. A founding member of the Raider Klan collective, he has since released multiple critically acclaimed albums that showcase his growth as an artist. His commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries within the genre has solidified his place among Miami's rap elite.

  • Bobby Shmurda

    Bobby Shmurda

    409 votes

    Though originally from Brooklyn, this artist has made a significant impact on Miami's hip-hop scene through his association with South Florida-based rappers such as Kodak Black and XXXTentacion. Known for his viral hit single that sparked a dance craze, he became a symbol of resilience after serving time in prison and returning to music in 2021. His influence on both Miami and New York's rap scenes cannot be understated.