The Best Cartoons About Mice, Rats, and Other Rodents

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Mickey Mouse might be one of the most recognized cartoon characters. It's easy sometimes to forget that The Mouse is well, a mouse. It says so it right in the title, but it's also difficult to remember Alvin is a chipmunk. And they're not the only rodents lucky enough to land their own animated series. Since the beginning of animation, the best cartoons have been filled with animals rather than humans and there's no shortage of colorful and unique animated rats, mice, and other rodents, that have been providing us with entertainment for decades. Whether they're funny, violent, cute, crude, sarcastic, or smart, the animated animals of our favorite childhood and adulthood TV shows will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The series on this list, all of which feature a rodent of one kind or another as the star - from cute mice to weird squirrels - were with us during our Saturday mornings in front of the TV and our after-school homework procrastination sessions. So let's rank the top rodent cartoons that kept us all company from best to worst.

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