Gifs 18 Michael Scott Quotes That Prove He's The Best Boss Ever  

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Even though The Office has ended, there’s no reason we can’t take a look at the best Michael Scott quotes of all time. The American version of David Brent from the British Office series, Michael Scott is arguably just as funny as his UK counterpart. You might remember one of his most famous quotes, “I am Beyonce, always,” but Michael is famous for his odd outlook on life and love, and his incredibly awkward expressions. Deep down at heart, he’s a caring boss who just has a few issues to work out, and any employee would be lucky to work for him. Scroll through and find your favorite GIF’s and memes featuring Michael Scott, and check out more quotes from some of your other favorite TV characters on Ranker as well.
He's confident

....and incredibly honest

He's a risk taker

He's sensitive