The Best Michigan Beers, Ranked

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Only beers brewed in Michigan.

If you're wondering what beers to try in Michigan, you've come to the right place! Home to many craft breweries, the mitten state has increasingly become a vacation destination for beer snobs everywhere. Michigan beers include everything from brands found in east and west coat supermarkets to regionally-specific brews you can only get if you happen to visit. From ales to lagers, the beer scene in Michigan has a lot to offer. 

In the last few years, breweries like Bell's and Founders have churned out some of the most popular Michigan beers out there. Craft beers from these companies now pop up in liquor stores and supermarkets nationwide, meaning Oberon season is no longer just for Michiganders. However, if you want something very state specific, some beers brewed in Michigan are only available within its borders. Breweries like Short's, Detroit Beer Company, and Dragonmead are hard to come by outside the state. If you're looking for the best Michigan beers, browse this list and vote your favorites to the top! 

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    137 VOTES

    Two Hearted IPA

    • Brewery / Brand: Bell's Brewery
    137 votes
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    115 VOTES
    • Brewery / Brand: Bell's Brewery
    • % Alcohol: 5
    115 votes
  • M-43 N.E. India Pale Ale
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    68 VOTES

    M-43 N.E. India Pale Ale

    • Brewery / Brand: Old Nation Brewing Company
    68 votes
  • Breakfast Stout
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    66 VOTES

    Breakfast Stout

    • Brewery / Brand: Founders Brewing Company
    • % Alcohol: 8.3% alcohol
    66 votes
  • KBS Stout
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    62 VOTES

    KBS Stout

    • Brewery / Brand: Founders Brewing Company
    • % Alcohol: 11.2% alcohol
    62 votes
  • Backwoods Bastard
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    55 VOTES

    Backwoods Bastard

    • Brewery / Brand: Founders Brewing Company
    • % Alcohol: 10.2% alcohol
    • Style: Scotch ale
    55 votes