The Best Michigan Football Players of All Time

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A list of the best Michigan Wolverines football players of all time. When many people think of college football, the University of Michigan is one of the first schools that they associate with the game. Michigan currently has the most wins in college football history and many of college football's greats have worn the maize and blue. Michigan has won or shared 42 league titles; only Oklahoma and Nebraska have more conference championships in college football. Since the inception of the AP Poll in 1936, Michigan has finished in the top 10 a record 37 times. The Wolverines claim 11 national championships, most recently that of the 1997 squad voted atop the final AP Poll.

With championships comes great players. Some of the best Michigan players ever have led the school to not only titles, but to the Rose Bowl. The New Year's Day game is a Michigan staple and the Wolverines have played in Pasadena 20 times. Some of Michigan's best players cemented their legacy as famous Michigan football players with strong Rose Bowl performances.

Michigan has a rich history of having outstanding players on its rosters. Who wouldn't want to play for the winningest team in college history? That's what attracted Heisman Trophy winners like Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson to the school. Even a former President of the United States played for the Wolverines. Yes, Gerald Ford was a standout footballer before he entered the White House. 

This is a list of the best Michigan Wolverines football players of all time. If you see someone missing from this list, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list of the greatest Michigan Wolverines of all time by who you think should be at the top. 
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  • Charles Woodson
    Cornerback, Return specialist, Safety
    • Age: 45
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers
  • Desmond Howard
    Return specialist, Punt returner, Kickoff returner
    • Age: 52
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers
  • Jake Long
    • Age: 37
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins
  • Ty Law
    Cornerback, Safety, Defensive back
    • Age: 48
    • Teams: Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jabrill Peppers
    • Teams: New England Patriots
  • Tom Brady
    • Age: 45
    • Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots
  • Anthony Carter
    Wide receiver
    • Age: 61
  • Tom Harmon
    • Age: Dec. at 70 (1919-1990)
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, St. Louis Rams
  • Steve Hutchinson
    • Age: 44
    • Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Michigan Wolverines football, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings
  • LaMarr Woodley
    Outside Linebacker
    • Age: 37
    • Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Michigan Wolverines football
  • Braylon Edwards
    Wide receiver
    • Age: 39
    • Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Michigan Wolverines football, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets
  • Devin Bush Jr.
    • Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Jim Harbaugh
    • Age: 58
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers
  • Anthony Thomas
    Running back
    • Age: 44
    • Teams: New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills, Michigan Wolverines football, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys
  • Dan Dierdorf
    Tackle, Offensive Lineman
    • Age: 73
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Tyrone Wheatley
    Running back
    • Age: 50
    • Teams: Oakland Raiders
  • Mike Hart
    Running back
    • Age: 36
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, Indianapolis Colts
  • Tshimanga Biakabutuka
    • Age: 48
    • Teams: Carolina Panthers
  • Brandon Graham
    Defensive end
    • Age: 34
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Amani Toomer
    Wide receiver
    • Age: 47
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, New York Giants
  • Jake Butt
  • Mario Manningham
    Wide receiver
    • Age: 36
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants
  • Denard Robinson
    Running back, Quarterback, Wide receiver
    • Age: 31
    • Teams: Michigan Wolverines football, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 24

    Chase Winovich

  • Leon Hall
    • Age: 37
    • Teams: Cincinnati Bengals