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The Best Mid90s Movie Quotes

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These Mid90s quotes provide great insight into this coming-of-age film. Following a 13-year-old boy as he's growing up in Los Angeles in the 90s, Mid90s is a telling tale of troubled youth and the skateboarding subculture. Jonah Hill wrote and directed the film in his directorial debut, and it's full of funny banter, thought-provoking lines, and more. For this list we're highlighting the best quotes from Mid90s, with the help of your votes. 

In Mid90s, Stevie (Sunny Suljic) lives in Los Angeles with his older brother, Ian (Lucas Hedges), and single mother, Dabney (Katherine Waterston). Stevie and Ian don't get along so Stevie stays out of the house. Stevie meets a group of young skaters and begins to find his own, which causes Ian and Stevie's relationship to further crumble. Stevie believes he has been through too much to deal with, but soon learns that everyone has their baggage.

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    Are The Worst

    Ray: Lotta the time we feel our lives are the worst. But I think if you look in anyone else's closet, you wouldn't trade their sh*t for your sh*t. So it's good.

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    Somebody's Spirit

    F*cksh*t: That's why we ride a piece of wood. Like, what that does to somebody's spirit

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    Ray: Yo, Stevie's f*ckin' insane!

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    I Don't Think

    Security Guard: Hey! Hey! Y'all not supposed to be around here. Get the f*ck out.
    F*cksh*t: Hey, Lil N*gga with the Toys r Us badge, come here!
    Security Guard: Hey, you can't say n*gga. I don't think. You f*ckin'... Sheryl Crow lookin' mother f*cker.
    [the group laughs at F*ckshit]

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