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The Best Middle Eastern Countries to Visit

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List of the best Middle Eastern countries to visit, as ranked by world travelers and experts on the Middle East. These days you can’t turn on the television without hearing about tension in many of the middle eastern countries. These constant stories of violence and turmoil can make iteasy to forget that many Middle Eastern countries are lovely places to visit, filled with gorgeous tourist sights and amazing cuisine that will make you forget all about your former favorite foods. This list is the answer to the question, “What are the best Middle Eastern countries to visit?” The countries on this list are perfect opportunities for tourists to safely visit some of the most beautiful and historical sites in the entire world.

While there are still many Middle Eastern countries that still aren’t tourist friendly, locations like the cosmopolitan Dubai and theOld City of Jerusalem are still beloved spots for tourists everywhere. These countries have historical sites worth checking out like The Temple of Jupiterin Lebanon and the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. There are also miraculous naturalviews like Pamukkale in Turkey.

This list is filled with countries that are open and friendly to tourists from anywhere in the world. These countries have greatfood, museums, historical locations, and activities for every type of traveler.