The Best Midsize Family Sedans

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Cars that are larger than a compact and are big enough to fit a family of 5
This is a collection of the best midsize family sedans. We created this list based on information from multiple sources as well as votes from users just like you. Midsize family sedans are designed to be economical yet usable for all the tasks in the life of your average family. These cars will keep you and your family safe while you are on your way from A to B and they won't break the bank either. Another great advantage to these vehicles is that they are all manufactured with reliability in mind and they should last a very long time. Because of that their resale value will be much higher and regardless of whether or not you plan on selling them after a few years or keeping them for a long time they are a great value. Midsize family sedans are also great if you are going on a road trip because they tend to have a great balance of fuel economy and comfort which is ideal for long trips. If what you are looking for is more of a commuter vehicle see the list of the best highway cars for long distance driving. If what you are looking for is geared more towards urban driving see the list of the best city cars for urban driving.
Most divisive: Acura TSX
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