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The Best Might Guy Quotes

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If Might Guy quotes don't inspire you, there might be something wrong with you. The sensei to Rock Lee in Naruto, Might Guy is a character doesn't know what the phrase "give up" even means, and it shows through both his words and his actions. Since he's such a lovable (and super strong) character, let's rank the best Might Guy quotes of all time, with the help of your votes.

After capping off an lengthy fight with Akatsuki member Kisame, Might Guy acknowledged the fighting spirit of his opponent in an epic quote: "He was a worthy opponent! A man who lived and died like a real shinobi! Kisame Hoshigaki! I'll remember that name for the rest of my life!" Another great quote from Guy is his motivational speech to Rock Lee: "You have the gift of perseverance, and that's what makes you a genius too!"

What's your favorite quote from Might Guy? Vote up your top picks below, and add any good lines if they're missing.

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    We'll Never Be Young like This Again

    *to Kakashi* "What is with your attitude?! We'll never be young like this again!"

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    Free from Your Suffering

    "If you want to be free from your suffering, make up your mind. If you give up on your dream, you will suffer more."

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    An Apology

    "Look deep into my eyes and accept my sincere apology! Also notice my handsome manly features."

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    A Promise

    "You worked hard Lee, there's no doubt in my mind the surgery will be a success. You have the power to shape your own destiny. And on the one-in-one thousand, no, one in a million chance something to happen to go wrong, I will die right along with you. Since the day I met you, my nindō has been to train you to become the most splendid ninja possible. That's a promise!"

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